Sex doesn’t have much effect on gaining or losing weight, per se.
During a conventional 20 minutes of sex, a man burns about 100 calories, and a female
counterpart burns about 70 calories. Burning these amounts of calories doesn’t have
much effect on weight loss. On the other hand, people having sex tend to consume
calories much more than usual.
The relationship between sex and calories lies in sex hormones rather than in the act of
sex. Before and during regular sex, sex hormones rise to a peak, and right after
ejaculation and orgasm, they drop suddenly and dramatically. The weakness and
lethargy that we experience after sex is due to a hormonal imbalance and not the loss of
many calories.
It takes almost two weeks for brain neurochemicals to return to what they were before
sex. Fluctuations of sex hormones after sex, plus menstrual hormonal changes, are
some of the leading causes of localized obesity, called cellulite.
A specific type of sex called “karezza” reduces the extreme fluctuation of sex hormones
and, thus, can help reduce the chance of cellulite. Karezza is sex without orgasm and
ejaculation. In karezza, the penis penetrates the vagina and stays there for as long as
the couple is comfortable. Small movements of the couple, plus lots of love and
passion, bring the couple much closer to each other emotionally. Unlike conventional
sex that lasts for a short time, karezza can last as long as a couple of likes, and they can
have sex every day or more often.
With karezza sex, there is no orgasm and no ejaculation; thus, there is a slower drop in
sex hormones. With every karezza sex act, you boost more sex hormones to your body,
keeping you more energized and healthy. Conventional sex, on the other hand, takes
your hormonal levels to the extreme.
In the beginning, it may seem odd to have sex with no orgasm and ejaculation. But as
you start practicing karezza, it becomes second nature. Your mood may become more
stable, and your skin and localized obesity, or cellulite, are likely to improve.
To learn more about karezza and how to practice it, I strongly recommend reading the
book Cupid’s Poison Arrow by Marnia Robinson. In this book, you will learn much about
sex without orgasm and its effects on your relationship and mood.